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Q  We’re all complete beginners/ fairly hopeless dancers. Does it matter?

A  As long as you’re prepared to have a go and have a laugh you’ll be fine. Get stuck in early on, a good  caller will always make sure they explain the basic moves during the first few dances and will keep things very simple to start with.

Q  What should I wear to a barn dance?

A  Apart from comfortable footwear and clothes that you can dance in, anything goes.

Q  Can young children join in?

A  They tend to love barn dancing and seem to pick it up more quickly than the adults! If  little ones are very small and/ or want to hang on to Mum or Dad, it’s often easiest to tuck them under one arm and dance as ‘one person’.

Q  Can we request favourite dances?

As long as I have a bit of notice, I'll try my very best to include requests.

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